Zeb & Haniya’s Most Inspirational People

Below are some of Zeb & Haniya’s most inspirational people. Who are some of yours? Comment below to share with us!

– Mother, who was always singing. I’ve inherited her love of music and poetry.

Nazia Hassan

– Nazia Hassan, one of Pakistan’s first pop singers. Seeing her on TV as a child must have normalised the concept of a woman as a musician for me, because the idea never seemed absurd or impossible to me.

– Suzanne Vega, who taught me that you don’t have to have a crazy, over-the-top persona to be an artist. Normal, every-day people can also be creative.

– Cousin Maleeha Bangash, who has encouraged me ever since I was writing horrendous poetry at age 8.

– Good friend and producer, Mekaal Hasan, who taught me to trace my musical influences back to their roots to really understand what I’m trying to do.


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