Zeb & Haniya’s Favorite Places in Pakistan

We asked what Zeb & Haniya’s favorite things about Pakistan are, read their touching answers below.

The Mountains: There is so much to share. I think my favourite part of Pakistan have to be the mountains. I grew up in Islamabad which is a city surrounded by lush mountains, with some beautiful mountain cities just a few hours drive away. One of my favourite activities has always been to just drive out of the city and into the mountains. I’m also an amateur photographer (iPhone-ographer 🙂 ), and I keep taking pictures of things around me.

Offbeat Record Store: “Our single source of music when we were children was a shop called Offbeat, which is actually
still around.” Liberty Market’s Offbeat – one of the oldest music shops in Lahore — was the former hot spot for buying music cassettes and CDs. In fact many renowned actors such as Shaan, Moammar Rana, and even politicians like Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif used to frequent the store to get their music fix.

Islamabad: Inspiration can strike anywhere, anytime, but the one place that always inspires me is the city I grew up in, Islamabad. I may be blocked for months on end, and I only have to enter Islamabad to be inundated with new ideas and melodies.


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