Center Stage’s Pakistani Artists’ Choice of Charities

Click on the links for more information on these charities and to donate to them.

Zeb & Haniya: Primary education is something that needs to be properly established. Every child must be taught at least to read and write. There are a few local non-profit organisations working towards these goals who are doing great work.

Students at Mashal Model School – from their Facebook page

 Arieb Azhar: There is need for charity work wherever one looks in Pakistan, and a lot of great work is being done by many dedicated people. One such work closest to my heart is the Mashal Model School for street children in the outskirts of Islamabad next to the Bari Imam shrine. Dr. Zeba, a friend of mine, has worked selflessly toget this co-educational school started for now around 450 kids aged roughly between 4 and 17, providing them with a good all round education, teaching them hygiene, and providing some food and clothing as well. I have done a music workshop there, and helped in another workshop where the children have expressed themselves through colors and songs. Now I am in the process of producing a song with some of the talented singers from that school, and a music video with friends of mine, to try to get some media attention for this expanding school, which is always in need of funds.

Danish Ali of Very Live: Kara Health Welfare Association is a small charity organization affiliated with the medical school I graduated from in Karachi, Ziauddine Medical University Hospital. Kara holds blood drives and raises funds so that non-affording patients across Karachi have access to medical attention, investigations, consultations, medications, x-rays etc. I have collaborated with them on several occasions with part of the proceeds from my standup comedy shows in Karachi going towards Kara. As a result we have managed to help quite a few patients who otherwise would not have been able to afford treatment. Since its my own University, I know everyone who works at the charity and can vouch for all the med-students who work there. The patients who need treatment are real and in desperate need, all the time.

Sanjan Nagar campus – from their website

Noor and Hamza of noori: Yes, it is no doubt the Sanjannagar Institute. There is the whole website to explain what this place is about – it would be difficult to explain in a few paras. It’s not just because we have an emotional connection with the place (as it is a family run enterprise), but because it motivates us and drives us to pursue a unique and multidimensional purpose in life. We are not attracted to it because it is unique but because it offers, from within a country like Pakistan, a platform which allows me to look at a much bigger picture – to re-question the core human issues, to redefine the concept of Human Nature, and to contextualize it in a 21st century understanding of Nature. This place is, no doubt, one of its kind in the whole world, and we feel very proud to be part of it.

Gumby of noori: There are several problems that the less fortunate face from time to time here in our country. Some are small and some are big. However for the past few years the floods have been a major crisis that have affected many, and once a year every year a team of young student and myself try and generate funds for either building material for their homes, food or first aid. We use the music platform to host concerts and get as many artists to come in and perform and run an awareness campaign and generate funds.

There is no particular reason why I do it. It just seems like the right thing to do given the situation, especially when one has the capability.

Rakae of noori: Yes, Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust. It is important to me because of the vision that the school promotes, which is creating a better and more progressive future for our children and generations to come.

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