Arieb Azhar – Favorite Food & Recipes of Pakistan

Some delicious traditional Pakistani chicken curry

Leaving the cooking up to the professional cook in our house, I hardly ever cook now in Pakistan. But with my closest friend in Croatia, Dina, whom I also consider family, it was always fun cooking something simple like a Chicken Curry or a Sataras (onions, paprika and tomatoes stewed in their own juice and seasoned with sugar and salt – and served with some grilled meat and mashed potatoes. I also enjoy the occasional barbeque with my friends and sister.

I enjoy food from all over the world, and everywhere I go I like to try the local cuisine. In Pakistan I love eating spiced lentils, Ocra or Bitter Mellon with our local bread, the chapaati, which looks like a pancake. I guess lentils with chapaati is the most common meal throughout Pakistan and one of my favorites. Recently I also tried making kebabs mixing the Balkan with the Pakistani way: Lots of garlic, coriander, bay leaves mixed with minced meat of lamb and beef. Add salt,curry and red pepper and some baking soda – and barbeque on a spit over red-hot embers.

Try making Arieb Azhar’s favorite foods by following these recipes:

Chicken curry-




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